We approach problem-solving from a systems point of view



Armstrong Industry Solutions. The power of world-class energy expertise zeroed in on industry-specific targets. A longtime player in key global businesses, Armstrong has proved again and again that it understands the specific challenges of individual industries. For more than a centure, Armstrong International has provided utilit system optimization for our global partners. We have watche industries grow and evolve, and we have responded to changes and trends with new or improved products and services.

We approach problem-solving from a systems point of view. And we know and understand that systems must change from industry to industry. The proof is in our thousands of energy-saving installation and partnerships around the world. Armstrong International offers a wide variety of products for steam, air and hot water. Add our broad knowledge and application support, and you begin to understand the kind of contribution we can make. Since we have been key players in several industries, we have a real-life view of your industry's economic realities.

At the core of Inkomech strategy is to be a one stop solution industrial supplier that encompasses these engeineering services to our customers:

Piping Modification and Installation Services, including Commissioning and Testing
Valve Automation Solutions
Piping System Troubleshooting Services and repairs
Product Recommendations for the most suitale application
Training & Technical Consultation
Steam System Energy Audits
Steam Trap Surveys
Skids Fabrication & Modification